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Pipe Organ Pale Ale

Church Brew Works
Pittsburgh, PA

Style: American Pale Ale

Baby-Boy’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Outstanding within its style.)

Esquire magazine once wrote: “To describe Pittsburgh is practically impossible, which is probably the reason so many people have tried to do it.”

That was from March 1948.

While I think the city is great, and have been there many times, today, I’m just going to take a crack at describing one of its beers.

Pipe Organ Pale Ale has a dark, amber color, with a quickly dissipating head. The carbonation stays nicely in the beer, though, giving it a pleasant, smooth feel. The beer has a kind of medium body.

Pipe Organ smells like a pale ale should, a bit of yeast, a bit of hops, and maybe a hint of malt.

This is a nice, easy-drinkin’ beer, with a floral hop flavor that leaves a bit of a bitter finish. It has an agreeable, even flavor and feel throughout.

Reviewed by Baby-Boy Jackson on October 19, 2009.
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