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Mad Hatter India Pale Ale

New Holland Brewing Co.
Holland, MI

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
ABV: 5.0%

Nigel’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Drinkable, but flawed)

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In the world of craft IPAs, New Holland’s entry does little to set it apart from the rest. Though the flavor is somewhat unique compared to its brethren, this beer could best be described as decent, but far from spectacular. The pour is typical of an IPA, with a slight head that dissipates into a dark golden hue. The aroma is a bit different than many IPAs, with more fruit (is that grapefruit or foot odor I smell?) and less hops than you would expect. The taste seems to back that up. A strong hint of citrus with a piney aftertaste that generally lacks the hoppy bitterness that characterizes most good craft IPAs. As someone who is a huge fan of IPAs, I must say this is one of the weaker varieties that I have sampled. That is not to say this isn’t an enjoyable brew—in fact, it may be a perfect IPA for those who are put off by the usual bitterness that typically defines the genre. However, for this hophead, New Holland’s entry into the world of craft IPAs is a bit of a disappointment.

Reviewed by Nigel Tanner on November 11, 2006.
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