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The Devil Made Me Do It! Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Porter

Tyranena Brewing Company
Lake Mills, WI

Style: Porter

Franz’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Outstanding within its style.)

I may sound like a broken record, but damn am I glad for the warm weather. The only problem is craft beer isn’t the best type of drink in the heat. With the weather getting warmer in the next couple months, flavored malt beverages are the most refreshing. Now I am not saying that I like flavored malt beverages. They are the best when drank in the heat of summer when golfing or doing any other physical activity outside that requires something quenching.

To get back on track I picked another one of the beers that Tyranena produce. So here I am in the coolest room in the house reviewing The Devil Made Me Do It Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Porter. This is just one of the few brews of the Brewers Gone Wild series that is produced seasonally. It may sound like a mouthful but every word in the title of this beer is true. The pour from the bottle is silky smooth, almost syrup-like, with a dark chocolate color to it. There is not much complexity to the aroma; just imagine taking a handful of freshly roasted coffee beans mixed with heavily roasted barley and sniffing this in the palm of your hand. There is no notice of hop aroma, but these styles of beer can go either way and still be good. The taste is just as I imagined it would be upon smelling it; heavily malted coffee flavor that is all perfectly balanced with a little sweetness and smoothness. With this being an imperial porter I thought it would have a strong alcoholic taste but was pleasantly surprised to find out it didn’t. I must say, this being a beer brewed with actual coffee beans, they have done a good job of balancing everything out.

This just might be the last dark beer I do before it really starts getting hot, unless something really catches my eye or we get pounded with another batch of cold weather and I would need a heavy hitter to keep me happy. But deep down inside I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. The main reason for going cold turkey has to do with all the winter weight put on during the past season. It may seem hard to imagine unless you have the best metabolism in the world, but a large population of Midwesterners have this problem. Some of population never loses this, which contributes to our ever-growing problem with obesity in the United States. So yours truly has to start losing some of the winter weight and not become part of the fatty-of-the-month club. Either way you can count on me reviewing sweeter session style craft brews in the near future.


Reviewed by Franz Mueller on May 10, 2007.
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