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Jinx Proof

Three Floyds Brewing Co.
Munster, IN

Style: Pilsener

Eddie’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Recommended)

Pair With:
• Bass
• Brats
• Cod
• Crab
• Lobster
• Oysters
• Salami
• Salmon
• Salsa
• Shrimp
And so we get another beer from Three Floyds named after a tattoo shop. But, unlike their Blackheart—a big, head-busting "English-style" IPA—this one's toward the opposite end of the spectrum, a straight-on, no-funny-stuff pilsener.

(Then again, what would be the opposite of an imperial IPA? A sweet stout? A schwarzbier? Help me out here, people!)

There's one word for color of this beer: yellow. Not bright pee yellow or anything, just pure, unadulterated yellow. The head is barely off white, and sticky, just under a finger's worth. I give it a listen: sounds like … Rice Krispies.

Although the nose is tiny dots of DMS and bits and pieces of maltiness, the dominating aroma is Saaz (I think—I'm pretty bad at sniffing out hops) pepperiness. Not huge by any means—at times it was tough to get a good snootful—but firmly and definitively there.

The really outstanding feature of this beer is the mouthfeel: super soft, enough to make me pause, glass still raised, and say, "Wow!" out loud. The sip pretty much through-and-through is even-handed, subdued, biscuity malt balanced by sharp, spicy hops. The finish comes with a restrained hop pop, letting only a light, bready maltiness to linger.

Jinx Proof is a nice authentic pilsener, subtle and soft and discreet, which some folks who aren't familiar with all of the Three Floyds catalog might find a bit surprising. My lone argument with it is that the body is a bit too full, a little bloated even, making it drink a little too big and sprawling for a top-of-the-line pilsener. Don't let that keep you from seeking it out, though … just don't look on your local beer store shelves for it (unless you shop the black market, like Nigel): this one's only available at the brewery in Munster, Indiana.

Reviewed by Eddie Glick on April 6, 2010.
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