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Stevens Point Brewery
Stevens Point, WI

Style: Maibock

Franz’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Recommended)

Spring is in the air, up until these past couple of days. Nearly half of the snow has melted, which means we still have another two feet to go. At least there are parts of my yard where I see grass. So typically when this starts to happen you know there has to be some kind of maibock in the stores. I choose Stevens Point Einbock for this review.

What is an einbock beer? Einbock really isn’t any kind of style. Stevens Point Brewery mentions that it is a maibock-style beer, with its German translation meaning “one-bock.” If you were to break down the word bock you would get goat. What the hell do goats have to do with beer? The German translation refers to these beers as bock because they have a “kick” like a goat. This “kick” usually refers to the high alcohol content associated with these types of brews. Then what does ein have to do with this beer being called an einbock? In German, ein is the number one. Also, the origin of the bock style can be traced back to Einbeck, Germany.

I will not go too far into the taste and smell of this beer because it is just simply average. There is no “kick” that this beer’s roundabout translatation refers to, but the Munich and Vienna malts they use are quite tasty and not too overpowering. They also say they use noble German Hallertauer hops, but there is no notice of that as the sweetness of the grains takes over everything else. In all fairness I would have liked this beer to have more of a kick to it, but otherwise it’s a nice session beer.

In closing, I’m glad that we’re seeing something resembling spring, be it the warmer than average days or the seasonal release of the maibock beer.


Reviewed by Franz Mueller on March 19, 2008.
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