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Golden Leaf Wheat

City Brewing Company
La Crosse, WI

Style: Wheat

Baby-Boy’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Recommended)

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City Brewing is a relatively young brewer, and Golden Leaf Wheat, according to its label, has been around since 2006.

Golden Leaf is a dark amber color, and brewed with honey, which is key to the overall character of this beer.

The honey seems to smooth out the beer overall. So you can smell the floral aroma of the hops and you get the hoppy flavor. But there is not much bitterness to this beer. In my mind, that makes it an easy drinking beer, although someone looking for a bitter flavor will probably be disappointed.

I’m not a wheat beer guy, but this is a solid, very drinkable beer. It might also be the beer for the person who has tried other hoppy brews and said “I like it, except for that bitterness.”

Still, on a hot day when you want something easy to drink and simple, this would be a good one to pull out of the refrigerator.

Reviewed by Baby-Boy Jackson on July 25, 2007.
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