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February 4, 2013

Beer Diary:

Yeah, Those Bitches Luann Goes To School With Are Getting Pretty Preachy

No, wait, it's International Month at!
by Eddie Glick

I like my beer like my women: pale, strong, full-bodied, and extremely bitter.
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So I was going to use today’s article to rant about how Luann’s friends are getting so fucking obnoxiously sanctimonious that I almost can’t pretend I go to high school with these holier-than-thou assholes anymore. And don’t get me started on Rex Morgan. I don’t think he’s even a real doctor, anyway.

Nah, instead, I’ll talk about it being International Month here at! Every February, we pretend that the beer world doesn’t revolve around America and focus on brews from the other side of the border, for better or for worse.

While it does give everyone a chance to focus on something other than quality Midwest brews, it’s becoming increasingly important for us craft beer drinkers to be aware of the beers from the rest of the world.

And that’s not just because some great craft-brewed beer is being made in far flung places like Sweden, Italy, and Japan. But as American craft beer culture starts to influence and take root in the rest of the world it’s important that we remember that the roots of our beer heritage came from, essentially, Europe.

There’s no denying the impact historic European brews had on what we’re able to find on the beer store shelves today.
I’m sure you all know the story by now, but I’ll pound into the ground a little more: After Prohibition, the beer industry in this country went through a prolonged period of consolidation that sapped the flavor, choice, and motherfucking life out of the beer we drank. It was all flavorless swill driven more by advertising and market share than taste, diversity, or creativity. When people wanted to drink something different, one of the few outlets to explore the vast variety of favors out there was beers imported from Europe.

While America’s craft beer renaissance is not indebted solely to the beers of Europe, there’s no denying the impact those historic brews had on what we’re able to find on the beer store shelves today. From dopplebocks to stouts to bitters to the most popular style of craft beer in the States right now: IPA. Yeah, its history is rife with apocrypha and the beer we suck down by the growler probably has very little resemblance to the brew that made its way across the high seas to India back in the 1800s, but just the idea of it, however highly romanticized, was enough to inspire the living shit out of a whole legion of industrious and frickin’ crazy craft brewers.

That alone is worth devoting an entire month to the appreciation of internaiontal beers. So sit back, pop a good beer—American or otherwise—and enjoy the ride that International Month is here at

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