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November 22, 2011

Beer Diary:

No More Pussyfooting Around

An American holiday deserves some big ass American beers.
by Eddie Glick

I like my beer like my women: pale, strong, full-bodied, and extremely bitter.
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I’m really not one for jingoism. In fact, the only part of the Olympics I’m at all interested in is the opening ceremonies, when all the countries’ athletes come marching out in front of the crowds. But, of course, that always ends up being disappointing, too, because all the TV cameras cover is the American athletes, when what I want to see are the athletes from the obscure countries like Suriname, Lichtenstein, and Missouri.

But with Thanksgiving coming up, it is time to get a little more pro-American. In years past, I said the best brews to take on a hearty Thanksgiving meal were the Belgians. I even drank my own words, pairing my feisty feast with a delectable Saison Dupont. And I’m hear to tell you now that I was completely fucking wrong.

No, I’m not bashing the Belgians. I still love Belgian brews, but when it comes to taking on stuff like potatoes and gravy, stuffing and gravy, turkey and gravy, and cranberry sauce (and not the fancy stuff with real cranberries in it, either, but the canned glop that looks like overdone Jell-o), it’s time to stop the grinnin’ and drop the linen. I’m talking about those very American of beers: imperial IPAs, imperial IPAs, and more imperial IPAs.

If these don’t do the trick, if they fail to hold up to—and enhance—your ham, then call it quits and sip white wine with your meal. But this year I know I can’t go wrong. I bought a case of Three Floyds Dreadnaught a few weeks ago after getting the Gremlin to limp over to Munster, and I am going to give that gravy what for.

(But I have a rule: only one bomber of Dreadnaught at a sitting, and it’s gotta be the first beer of the night. Otherwise, strange things can occur in the Glick household.)

And for all you folks out there who think pairing imperial IPAs with plain ol’ American fare is, well, unfair, don’t worry, there are plenty of less drastic options out there. Check out our food pairing guide to get the creative juices flowing. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you after that fruit salad leaves you wanting a little more out of life.

Drinkin’ And Thinkin’

Beer Dorks News

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Did Anheuser-Busch Chicago offer their shit beer to Cody Parkey before his missed field goal? Because that may explain why he "accidentally" biffed it.
Chicago now has the most breweries of any city in the country. Other things Chicago has the most of: murders, mobsters, and Ditkas.
Trying to spin it positive, BA releases end of year graphic. Only 5% growth in the craft sector when nearly 1000 new breweries opened? That's a collapse waiting to happen.
R.I.P. Tallgrass... another casualty as the regional/national craft beer market continues to get squeezed.
Wait... Constellation Brands cut all of the Ballast Point and Funky Buddha sales staff? They merged it with their Corona/Modelo staff?? We're SHOCKED!!!
Pizza Beer founder crying about failure of company, blames everyone else. Reminder, the beer tasted like vomit. Try having better ideas or making better products so you're not a failure.
It's Bud Light so doesn't really matter, but we expect this beer to be sitting around for awhile.
Indiana brewery to open with controversial beer names to "get the conversation going". Translation: taking advantage of serious issues for free publicity.
Hundreds of amazing beers in Wisconsin and the Cubs took back the one everyone drinks just because it exists and people have heard of it. How fitting...