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Dynamo Copper Lager

Metropolitan Brewing
Chicago, IL

Style: Vienna
ABV: 5.6%

Eddie’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Recommended)

“Copper lager” isn’t exactly a style, even when perusing the over-exhaustive style guidelines of the BJCP. So we’re going to go ahead and call this one—Dynamo Copper Lager from Chicago’s newest (so far) brewery, Metropolitan—a Vienna lager.

It certainly looks like a Vienna lager, being a crystal clear, um … copper, accentuated by a near-perfect, fine-bubbled, cream-colored head. This gives off a nose sporting a nice mix of spicy hops and sweet malt.

The first thing I notice on the sip is that the body is heavier than I expected, which actually jibes pretty well with my Vienna lager assignation. It’s not heavy, mind you—more like just on the underside of medium—but heavier than I would have guessed. Pleasant sweetness starts the sip, a sweetness that turns more grainy and cereal-like in a lingering middle, with a dry, almost abrupt finish, thanks to some hop spiciness. Despite the quick finish, it’s not super clean, especially for a lager, but still neat enough to be pleasant and even refreshing.

This is a nice entry, falling somewhere between a light “lawnmower” beer and a meatier amber. Dynamo Copper Lager’s relatively low ABV makes it a candidate for a session beer as well as a nimble companion for a wide variety of comfort foods … like burgers and pizza.

Reviewed by Eddie Glick on January 20, 2010.
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