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Calabaza Blanca

Jolly Pumpkin
Dexter, MI

Style: Belgian White (Witbier)
ABV: 4.8%

Jill’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (World class.)

Pair With:
• Bass
• Crab
• Eggs
• Halibut
• Lobster
• Salads
• Salmon
• Shrimp
• Sushi
I’m becoming a big fan of the white ale—it provides me a bigger taste than many lagers and reminds me of summer, which, as we’re into yet another week of winter here in the Midwest, keeps my hopes of warmer weather alive.

I cracked open the big bottle of Calabaza Blanca and poured away. Shockingly, in my first glass (the 25.4 oz. bottle provided three glasses of beer) I got a really clear beer. Oh, the head was nice and big with lots of lacing, and the nose had a big spice scent to it, but I really expected the beer to be cloudier.

Sure enough, the clear beer yielded a watery tasting brew, although the spice blend was simply fantastic—perfectly blended, in my opinion. It hit my lips and upper palate, and the scent went straight into my nose for some extra-sensory pleasure.

But still, it was a pretty watery beer. It was on my lips, and I didn’t feel it again until it hit my stomach. This made me a little sad—I was so hopeful for this one!

Thankfully, by the time I poured my second glass, things had changed. The beer warmed up a little and opened up some. It also poured thicker and cloudier—it became exactly what I hoped for in this type of ale. The mouth feel improved and the watery sensation vanished, and my Calabaza Blanca made the jump into a five-mugger for this Beer Dork.

Reviewed by Jill Jaracz on March 11, 2008.
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