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Major Tom's Pomegranate Wheat

Ft. Collins Brewery
Ft. Collins, CO

Style: Fruit Beer

Jill’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Not good.)

Being a lover of fruit beers, I was excited to try this unique offering from Ft. Collins Brewery. Described as a “wheat ale with pomegranate juice concentrate,” the label on the bottle claims, “This bottle contains the most unique beverage ever brewed. A nice, sweet-tart Wheat Ale brewed with pomegranates. Unlike anything else. Enjoy…and tell your friends.”

Friends, let me tell you, this beer sucks.

At first pour, I wasn't aware of its general suckitude because of the nice, huge head, fair amount of carbonation, and amber color. Then I took a swig, and I tasted neither wheat beer nor pomegranate; rather bitter. Pure sourness that couldn’t really be attributed to one thing. I wondered if using juice concentrate instead of real fruit made a difference (which I think does play a part—I believe that the better fruit beers are made with real fruit, not juice or juice concentrate). I also wondered if the fact that I’ve never had pomegranate juice before was a factor, so I went out and bought some 100% pomegranate juice. Not the pomegranate/blueberry blend (which isn’t bad), the real stuff. Whoa! This stuff is tart! And it’s not a pleasant tart, like a piece of sour candy. It’s a tart that prevents you from drinking the entire 2-serving bottle in one sitting (took me 5 sittings to finish it)—no wonder it made me pucker when I drank the beer!

Needless to say, if you see the Major Tom’s and think, “Ooo! Pomegranate Wheat! That sounds funky!” think again. Because it not only sounds funky, it also tastes funky.

Reviewed by Jill Jaracz on November 7, 2006.
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