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Raspberry Wheat

Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub
Portland, OR

Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 4.0%

Jill’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Outstanding within its style.)

If you need to get some attention, just order this bright pink beer and watch the people flock to it. The obvious pink hue is a signal that this quaff is heavy on the fruit, and if you’re looking for full-bodied fruitness, look no further. Raccoon Lodge adds whole raspberries to a sour mash Berlin-style wheat beer, and the effect is incredible. You don’t just taste raspberries, you taste the roundness and plumpness of them as well, and the tart sensation on the palate would make you swear you’ve just had your fill of real berries. In fact, this beer may very well provide you with one USDA recommended daily serving of fruit!

Ladies, drop the cosmo and order one of these the next time you’re looking for a good girly drink. The hangover won’t be nearly as deadly the day after.

Reviewed by Jill Jaracz on September 16, 2006.
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